Sheffield City Region Careers Hub

The Opportunity Area (OA) Programme was originally established to improve outcomes for children and young people in the twelve OAs and to learn from what works in these areas and to spread effective practice to other areas.  In our fourth year we have focused more explicitly on the latter ambition, with a key focus on ensuring consistency of quality and approach in careers and skills practices across the wider Sheffield City Region (SCR).

The Doncaster Careers Hub was originally established with OA funding, building on support from the Careers and Enterprise Company (CEC). In 2020/21, we secured additional ongoing CEC funding through a joint application that led to the formation of the SCR Careers Hub.  This was a collaboration that had evolved naturally, it was the obvious next step for the Doncaster Hub and aligned well with a range of wider SCR priorities.  The Doncaster Hub Lead and Enterprise Coordinators have shared our good practice and experience from the establishment of the Doncaster Hub, but also to capture and learn from exceptional practice across the rest of the region. This builds on an existing spirit of collaboration between local authority areas around careers and skills.

Our twinning work offers a valuable opportunity to strengthen the SCR Hub offer to schools and colleges with projects that have supported the rapid improvement against Gatsby benchmarks we have seen in Doncaster.  At the same time the hub structure and strength of relationships across the region offer a supporting network to ensure that twinned projects are adequately promoted, shared and case studies captured.  The alignment is therefore beneficial to all involved, a symbiotic partnership that should secure both the hubs and the twinning projects into the regional careers landscape.

The projects we have supported across SCR have been agreed in partnership with the relevant Local Authorities and the Mayoral Combined Authority, they have been selected on the basis of the impact they have had in Doncaster and their alignment with analysis of local needs, including:

  • an all Age Careers Platform, tailored to specific local needs, featuring local LMI, employers and pathways, to support young people and adults make decisions about their next career step and teachers to best tailor careers support to the ambitions of their students.
  • a bank of localised resources, linking careers to the curriculum and bringing the challenges associated with roles in key local sectors to life through subject relevant challenges and tasks.  This is being delivered by a local organisation, Panjango.
  • A range of support to SEN schools to help their young people prepare for adulthood and the work of work, including virtual encounters with employers to help them understand the potential opportunities.

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