Supporting the Most Vulnerable

Supporting the most vulnerable

Mentoring through Doncaster Children’s Services Trust (DCST)

This has been funded by the Doncaster Opportunity Area. All schools are eligible for this support.

DCST have recruited over 100 volunteer mentors from a wide range of professional backgrounds including the education and health sectors and the wider public sector, as well as university and college students and people from businesses across Doncaster.

This support is available to 6 children in each secondary schools and 1 child in each primary school. Currently we are looking to engage with suitable mentees and supporting schools involvement in the programme.

Mentors will work from the lifelong links model and will be aligned with a child or young person for at least two years. We are targeting those children and young people who are struggling, or may struggle, with the transition from primary to secondary education.

For more information contact Cheryl Blackett – or Claire smith – .

National Citizenship Service (NCS)

This has been funded by the Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government. Secondary schools are eligible for support from the NCS Trust and some vulnerable pupils may be able to access the programme for free.

NCS supports the development of the 16-17 year olds who take part in NCS over the Summer in terms of confidence, teamwork, leadership and has been shown to positively influence university destinations amongst those from the lowest socio-economic backgrounds. NCS can also support the DfE’s FIve Foundations of Character. Furthermore, evidence of strong engagement with NCS can be used to show how schools are meeting the proposed ‘Personal Development’ judgement under the new Ofsted framework due to come into play in September 2019.

To see how your school could get involved contact Jan Budtz at

Franklin Scholars Programme

Franklin Scholars programme is an in-school peer mentoring programme that recruits and trains older students to provide a year-long programme of mentoring and literacy support to younger students experiencing challenges in school, be they academic or socio-emotional. They have worked with over 3,000 students in 50 schools and colleges across England.

More information about the programme (with literacy and numeracy focus areas), their impact, and what the students think can be found on their website.

As Franklin Scholars looks to scale up, they have received donor funding that allows them to work with schools in Category 5 and 6 areas, which includes Doncaster, at a 20% reduced rate for the 19/20 school year.

Interested in finding out more information? Fill out this contact form on our website.

Evolve Health Mentors

Evolve enables children to achieve their potential by improving their physical, emotional and cognitive health and well being. It does this by recruiting, training and supporting its workforce of Health Mentors who are placed in schools to work with the most vulnerable children. Evolve has won multiple awards for its work and has developed a strong evidence base for its effectiveness. 

We are trialling Evolve’s Health Mentors in six schools during 2019/20. As well as showcasing an important intervention that addresses a number of strategic priority areas, this project will also be a source of best practice for Doncaster schools that have teaching support staff enrolled on the Health Mentor Training Programme as part of their workforce development strategy.

Visit their website here.