School Improvement

Tailored Support for Schools in Most Challenging Circumstances

This project is in its second year.  We have commissioned the School Development Support Agency to work with the 6 secondary schools in the most challenging circumstances to develop a tailored programme to help them achieve their own school improvement objectives.  This comes with an envelope of funding to support both the programme but also schools engagement.  The range of support offered varies significantly from school to school, but includes whole school literacy, oracy, support with teaching of ICT and citizenship and sustainable aspiration targeted at the most disadvantaged.  The ambition of the programme is to share the learning across the wider secondary sector.

Good Practice Partnerships

We are working with the Doncaster Research School to support Doncaster secondary schools in the development of research informed collaborative school improvement projects, working with other schools with a shared interest.  Projects range from engaging working class boys, particularly in reading and the delivery of maths to gifted students.  This project will report at the end of the academic year, and despite being hampered by the pandemic there are promising early signs.

Sector Led School Improvement

This work builds on the good practice partnership model by asking secondary heads to devise the areas of intervention and then supporting middle and senior leaders from across Doncaster schools to deliver collaborative school improvement projects against these priorities.  We delayed the start of this work in light of the pandemic and associated pressure but projects will start through this work in the New Year.

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