Careers and Post 16

Careers and post-16

Primary Aspiration Raising

We have brought together an exciting package of support to raise primary children’s awareness of the world of work, including facilitating links between employers and schools, challenging gender stereotypes and raising awareness of higher education.

This support will include CPD from Primary Engineers, access to Steam School, support in using the free Primary Futures website to bring employers into your school and extensive employer engagement aligned with Opportunities Doncaster.  Partners in Learning will also be identifying and sharing existing best practice to kick start this initiative and we’re linking in with HEPP who are currently doing great work raising awareness of HE in Doncaster secondary schools but have recently recruited a primary lead who wants to pilot activity right here in Doncaster.  We think it’s a really exciting package of support and activity we’re keen to work with schools across the borough to find effective ways of making best use of it.  We’ve deliberately gone with an offer here that is either free or cheap in the future, so once practice is embedded there are no financial reasons this can’t be maintained.

To help schools in making the most of this we’re looking to identify natural groups of schools who can work together to develop and share best practice at first between themselves and then more widely across Doncaster. These could be pyramids, Multi Academy Trusts or other existing school networks of a manageable size.  If you’re interested please contact Saul Farrell at

Careers Hub

This has been funded by the Doncaster Opportunity Area. Secondary schools and special schools are eligible for support.

The hub brings together careers leads with employers, universities and providers to develop and share best practice in careers education, information, advice and guidance. A package of over £10,000 of funding and access to emerging best practice from the other hub networks across the country. This requires an investment of career leader time in order to access funding, but also to realise the full benefit of this programme. For more information contact

Doncaster Careers Website (Start)

This has been funded by the Doncaster Opportunity Area. Secondary schools and post-16 providers are eligible for support.

We have selected U-Explore to deliver a Doncaster careers advice website. This will be based on their ‘Start’ website, which many schools in Doncaster already use. The focus on Doncaster specifically enables the site to be tailored to our local employers, local young people and to the growth sectors in the borough. For more information contact