Building Solid Foundations for all Children

Doncaster OA’s aim remains to narrow the attainment gap between disadvantaged and non-disadvantaged pupils in literacy and numeracy giving all children the strongest possible start to their schooling. In Year 5, we are focusing our activity on:

  • The provision of a targeted programme of intensive school to school support for 8 schools in Doncaster serving communities with the highest level of disadvantage. Our funding for each of the schools will provide leadership support from a National Leader of Education (NLE) to help the schools identify and diagnose their key priorities for improvement and the creation of an action plan to do this. The funding will then support activities related to this plan which support school improvement.
  • Delivery of a targeted programme of Continuous Professional Development (CPD). Following extensive local consultation we will focus this work on Reading and Writing. Delivered in a range of different ways, this programme will enable teachers across up to 36 schools to experience,  practise, implement and reflect upon new strategies.
  • Ensuring the availability of a strong, high quality universal offer for all schools through supporting three targeted networks across Doncaster. The Leadership Network, The Writing Network and The DL30 Network.

Brilliant Teaching and Leadership for all Secondary School Pupils

No Career out of Bounds

Opportunities Extend to All

  • Building on the successes to date, we will extend our Transition project for another year, continuing to support schools and students to manage the process of moving from primary to secondary school. The impact of COVID-19 has meant that, despite the progress the project has made to date, it has been unable to deliver with consistency across a full academic year due to pupils not being available for face-to-face transition activities and interventions. This year will see the first cohort of pupils who have transitioned in the new paradigm and extending the project for an additional year will provide the opportunity to evaluate, consolidate and refine systems and processes to improve the project and deliver greater success.
  • A multi-agency approach to training and developing a network of Mental Health First Aiders across schools led by Doncaster Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (DCAMHS). By utilising a Train the Trainer model coupled with networks of specialist advice and guidance facilitated by DCAMHS, this programme aims to support school staff into how to support and address the complex needs of student health and wellbeing in relation to low level mental health issues.
  • A targeted offer of SEND Peer Review Support to 10 identified schools (8 primary and 2 secondary) that sits alongside a universal SEND CPD offer for teaching staff developed in collaboration with schools.
  • Funding a post that will support schools to identify barriers to engagement with extracurricular activity and develop strategies to increase long-term participation. The postholder will utilise provision mapping resources created as part of this process to identify and target areas of low engagement. By understanding current provision on offer, the postholder will engage schools and MATs to understand what schools want from their extracurricular activities and explore opportunities for funding (regionally and nationally) that can be utilised for the benefit of Doncaster schools and work with regional and national organisations/stakeholders  to increase opportunities for participation in  Doncaster for the future.

Teacher Recruitment and Retention

In Year 5, we are committing funding to support a programme of health and wellbeing support for school staff across Doncaster.  Targeted at both Primary and Secondary schools the initiative consults and works collaboratively with each Headteacher to agree a bespoke programme of support designed to meet the specific needs of their school in a flexible manner.

The programme also includes Mental Health First Aid Accreditation (Adult) for those schools involved.

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