Evolve Health Mentors

We are funding Evolve Education to provide a 12 month programme of training and support to help teachers become even more effective in their role. Learning new skills, tools and strategies that can be applied immediately to improve practice and acceleration of your career.

This training programme includes:

  • Locally delivered monthly workshops
  • Regular progress and coaching calls
  • Experiential learning tasks to check progress and application
  • Workplace visits, support and observations
  • Tools and strategies to affect change, improve performance and promote potential
  • The essential skills needed to become an effective mentor

Who is this training programme for?

Anyone who has a formal or informal mentoring role will benefit from the Health Mentor Training Programme. Roles can include teaching assistants, learning mentors, pastoral managers, behaviour support workers, team leaders etc

Health mentors is an invaluable opportunity to transform the well being performance and achievement of students.

For more information and to register your interest in this fully funded professional development opportunity email mentor@evolveeducation.co.uk

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