Take a friend to school day

Teachers are encouraged to bring a friend interested in teaching, to work for a day. This can take place across Doncaster between:

  • 2nd-6th March or;
  • 22nd-26th June

Teachers are even given a £25 gift voucher as a thank you.

  1. Select a friend who you think would make a great teacher.
  2. Check that your Head Teacher is happy with the initiative.
  3. Take them to school to job shadow you for a day.
  4. They’ll experience what it’s like to teach and be in your school.
  5. Get your friend to complete a short evaluation form.
  6. Enjoy spending your £25 gift voucher!

Hallam Teaching School Alliance will provide a pack for each ‘visitor’ to advise them about appropriate behaviour and general school etiquette but they will be expected to follow local school policies and behaviour guidelines.

If you are interested please contact Alastair Gittner, the project co-ordinator, at agittner@hallamtsa.org.uk

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