Job opportunity at the National Literacy Trust

Are you an experienced project officer with a background in education, local government or relationship building and a clear understanding of the Doncaster area and the challenges it faces?

We are recruiting a project officer to coordinate the National Literacy Trust Hub in Doncaster, working alongside us at Doncaster Opportunity Area. A Hub is a ten-year, place-based response to the challenges of inter-generational low literacy. You will work with us at Doncaster Opportunity Area and other local partners, as well as the National Literacy Trusts national team, to shape and deliver activity as part of a local strategy.

One person in six has poor literacy skills that impact on every area of their life. A child without good reading, writing and communication skills will struggle to succeed at school, and as an adult they could be locked out of the job market. Poverty doubles the likelihood that, by the age of five, a child’s literacy skills will be below average.

This role is based in Doncaster and provides an opportunity for secondment for employees from the local authority or aligned services in the area.

Salary: £27,000 per year

Contract: Fixed term, two years

Hours: Full time, 35 hours per week

Deadline for applications is 10am on Tuesday the 27th of August. Apply here.

We Can Grow at St Peter’s Catholic Primary School

We have funded We Can Grow through EXPECT Youth to work with primary schools in Doncaster helping children to grow vegetables no matter their surroundings. They specialise in getting children to connect with food by letting them grow and eat their own vegetables which reinforces a positive relationship with nutritious, organic food and encourages a healthy understanding of where food comes from.

Growing and outdoor learning is proven to have a massive positive effect on children’s physical and mental well being!

St Peter’s Catholic Primary School have written a fantastic letter to We Can Grow to express the impact that the programme has had in their school.

St Wilfrid’s National Citizenship Service (NCS) Residential

St Wilfrid’s Academy have taken part in our fully funded NCS programme with Club Doncaster Foundation. These year 11 students have spent the term focusing on employability and social skills development as a part of our pilot ‘Kick Start’ programme.

The final part of the programme was a two day residential in the Peak District, where the students experienced a range of activities including caving, canoeing and rock climbing, On the back of this successful residential, a number of the Year 11’s have already signed up for the full NCS programme during the summer.

See how your school can get involved and contact Jan Budtz at

Looking for a Literacy Campaigns Manager

We have funded a post at Doncaster Council for a Literacy Campaigns Manager to work with schools and the community to improve literacy levels.

We are looking for somebody with a passion for all aspects of literacy who can work creatively and develop a range of innovative programmes to raise the profile of literacy across Doncaster.

This is a 22 hours per week role that is fixed term until 31/08/2020.

The closing date for applications is the 16th of May with shortlisting on the 17th May and interviews on 21st May.

The job advert can be found here.

Young Person of the Year – Kacey Dart

Kacey signed up to our fully-funded Essential Life Skills Programme from the first day of delivery offering to lead the Youth Volunteer Programme and has done a brilliant job of coordinating and organising the programme.

Kacey is an outstanding young person who has shown incredible resilience and through huge adversity in her life has grown to be an exemplary young person who now inspires and leads other young people to fulfil their potential on a number of platforms including a successful role as a Young Advisor at DMBC, an apprentice support worker for Open Cast working daily with some of the most disengaged young people in the borough and being the Lead Youth Volunteer at our Essential Life Skills funded youth sessions coordinating activities and helping attendees with their life obstacles through mentorship.

Kacey has used her growing strength to help other struggling young people and recently became an apprentice teaching assistant at Open Cast centre for disengaged young people.

Recently she applied to become a Young Advisor for Doncaster and was short listed from a huge amount of applicants and ultimately successful in securing her position, she seizes this opportunity with both hands and takes to the meetings the real problems young people have told her to try and advocate change.

We were one of the main sponsors at the Civic Mayor Awards on the 11th of April at which Kacey was named Doncaster’s Young person of the year!

LGBT+ Inclusion Conference on the 21st of June

Learn how to lead on LGBT+ Inclusivity in your school!

We have helped to fund two half-day conferences for professionals working with young people, with the morning focusing on KS1/2 and primary, and the afternoon for KS3/4 and after. It is FREE to attend for Doncaster borough educators.

The amazing keynote speaker will be Claire Birkenshaw, Patron of Think2Speak and senior lecturer at Leeds Beckett University.

Workshops will all be led by Think2Speak’s team of expert consultants and there will be access to resources networking.

Tickets can be booked here.

Mentoring Success!

We have funded an amazing mentoring programme with Worth Unlimited that has resulted in fantastic mentoring being delivered to 94 youngsters since the beginning of January 2019.

Theo’s story is one of courage in the face of trauma.  He lost his father in tragic circumstances when he was still a small child.  Theo is currently a Year 6 pupil and will be moving on to secondary education in September.  Theo’s headteacher asked mentor Debbie to spend regular time with Theo to help him recall times spent with his father and to support him in filling in a memory book. Debbie says, ‘We shared stories about Theo’s Daddy, from notes his Mum gave me, and we have used different crafts along the way from references in the book.  It has helped Theo to be more relaxed, calmer and to manage his anger better.’

Mentors offer an extra opportunity for young people to be listened to and encouraged to be resilient when times are tough, to grow in self-confidence and self-esteem, to develop self-control, to learn leadership skills as well as how to be a good team member, to experience well-being, to show respect and understanding to others and to aspire to be the best person that they possibly can.

If you would like to find our more about the mentoring opportunities you could take part in please visit either Worth Unlimited or Doncaster Children’s Service Trust.

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